Tel: 07552 198 751
181 Rendle Street, Plymouth, PL1 1TP

Continuing to provide a superb scrap collection service for the people of Plymouth

Ever since we were founded, we’ve had one simple mission: to provide an excellent quality scrap clearance service for the people and businesses in Plymouth.

Well, in the eight years we have been around, this is exactly what we’ve done, and we are proud of the large number of businesses and individuals we have worked with.

To cater for the needs of people in both Plymouth, and the surrounding areas, we have even expanded to include a scrap yard to allow you to come to us.


Working with some big names


Our reputation as a great quality service provider has now found its way to some larger organisations.

Recently, we were lucky enough to secure a job clearing out the old breakers and transformers from the EDF power station. For us, securing contracts like these and helping all kinds of businesses is what we are passionate about and what makes the job worth doing.


What makes us stand out?


Passion is a large part of what we do and, even though many may not consider this a job they’d like doing, it’s a service that is a key part of society.

Our friendly team is always on hand to offer advice and guidance on your clearance needs.

We also consider ourselves to be a fair company, offering great scrappage rates to all customers. Ensuring you get a good price for your unwanted scrap means you are happy making some extra cash, and we can continue to expand and provide jobs to the local community.

If our yard in Rendell Street is awkward for you to get to and you don’t have an affordable way to transport your scrap, then we are happy to come to you.

We operate all across Plymouth, as well as the surrounding areas and are always on hand for last minute jobs you need clearing.

We care about the environment and ensure that we recycle whenever possible, and dispose of any waste in a safe manner.

Head to our scrap metal services page to see what scrap we take. Or get in contact today for any other questions you may have.