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Coming together to improve the Plymouth region

Jays Scrap is one of the best known waste management companies in Plymouth and the surrounding area. We’ve built up an unenviable reputation since 2009 for top quality service and competitive prices.

But what’s perhaps less well known is the environmental and economic impact that we are proud to have had on the area. Heritage is of vital importance to Devon and Cornwall and we are keen to play our part in keeping standards up throughout the region – after all, it benefits everyone.

Our recent clearance at Mayflower Marina is a case in point, where we were asked to go in and remove unwanted scrap metal.

Less than five minutes’ drive from the city centre, Mayflower Marina is a key hub for one of the most important sections of the South West tourist industry – sailing. The money the tourists and local sailors spend at the Marina, in the city and at the various chandlers and yards, all feeds the local economy and helps to boost the area as a whole.

Keeping the facility clean, tidy and safe is key to making people come back to Plymouth again and again. So our work in removing unsightly waste plays a big part in keeping the Marina attractive.

There are secondary benefits too. Taking scrap and waste out of the local environment and recycling it or reprocessing it for reuse means we’re doing our bit to keep the wider environment clean and healthy.

Business customers now have two options for having their waste problems spirited away. We can visit, as we did with Mayflower Marina, and take everything away, which is a good option for larger businesses generating a fair amount of waste.

The second option is for customers to deliver waste or scrap to us at our yard in Rendle Street. This is great for trades who are mobile themselves. They can come away from a job with the waste in their van and bring it straight to us – no waste of time and energy off-loading scrap and piling it somewhere until it can be collected.

To find out how we can help you play your part in keeping Plymouth’s heritage assets in good shape, call 07552 198 751 or come and see us at our central Plymouth location on Rendle Street.