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Did you know Jays Scrap offer Agricultural Waste services?

In recent years, businesses have been required to manage their waste more carefully. Potentially hazardous waste, for example, must be handled in a certain way and both companies and individuals are encouraged to recycle waste whenever possible.

When it comes to agricultural scrap and waste, however, people aren’t always clear what options are available. As a result, rubbish and broken materials may build up on quiet areas of unused farmland. Whilst this may provide a short-term solution, this could prove dangerous in the long-term.

As materials break down, they could harm both animals and humans nearby. In addition to this, the presence of broken machinery or scrap could encourage people to venture on to your land, even if they are unauthorised to do so.

Using a waste management service

By using a waste removal service, farmers can ensure that any unwanted materials are removed from their land in a timely manner. Rather than allowing such items to take up space, the land can be cleared and used for other, more productive, purposes.

Fortunately, making use of a waste management service ensures that land can be cleared quickly and easily. Even if waste is currently made up of various different items, such as metals, broken machinery or even electronics, it can be sorted and disposed of safely.

Convenient waste pick-ups and collections

Required to work 7 days a week, farmers and farmhands get very little spare time. As farming is intensive and exhausting work, it can be difficult to find time to dispose of waste correctly. Requesting a scrap or waste collection, however, ensures that waste is removed at a time that suits you.

If you have animals on your land, for example, you may want to schedule a waste collection at a time when they are secured in a barn or pen. Alternatively, you may need to arrange a collection on a specific day or at a certain time. By doing so, you can benefit from efficient waste clearance without any inconvenience.

To find out more about agricultural waste clearance or scrap collection in Plymouth and the surrounding areas, call Jays Scrap Yard and Waste Management and book a collection with us today?