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Scrap Metal Removal for Royal Mail

Since 2009, Jays Scrapyard and Waste Management have offered our customers a reliable waste removal service for highly competitive prices. We are known for working for large commercial companies throughout the area.

Recently, we have offered our professional service to Royal Mail, completing a scrap metal removal job for them at their Plymstock depot. At Jays Scrapyard we are happy to say we have worked with such a renowned nationwide company that is well known amongst our customers.

Closing down or renovating a local business can result in an extraordinary amount of scrap, and can result in high costs if you don’t pick the right company to handle the removal of your waste. Luckily, Royal Mail knew of the excellent reputation Jays Scrapyard had in the local area, and so were in safe and cost effective hands.

Over the years, we have gained a loyal customer base that would recommend our services again and again, whether they are domestic or commercial customers. This is why we can offer our reliable services to large and well known companies such as Royal Mail.

At Jays Scrapyard and Waste Management we are registered with the Environment Agency and have full insurance, so Royal Mail could rest assured that we were a safe pair of hands for all their scrap metal and materials, including brass and copper.

We are also known to offer the best prices throughout the area for buying and selling scrap metal, and can remove the scrap the same day.

Jays Scrapyard is located on Rendle Street in Plymouth, and our services stretch throughout the local area. We work hard to have a positive impact on the local region both economically and environmentally. We can visit customers, or they can deliver directly to us at our scrapyard in Plymouth – an option that is great for mobile traders.

For more information on our scrap metal services, as well as what else we can offer our customers, visit our website to get in contact with us. We’re ready when you are, wherever you are!